Fear and Loathing in the Time of Trump

In America, all one has are problems. Financial problems. Marital woes and family dysfunction. Drinking and drug addictions. If you live here, chances are you have more than one. Is anyone really happy here? According to some researchers, despite our great personal and national wealth, our overall sense of well-being has dwindled since the turn of the century. We’re more depressed than ever, and prescription and opioid drug abuse is alarmingly high, even amongst affluent whites. People in this country live in unceasing turmoil, yet few do the obvious and leave. Perhaps we’re afraid of not being part of the (shit) show. Living...

Anarchy in the U.S.A.

Loved watching the Trump rally tonight in Chicago break out into complete fucking anarchy. It was exciting, outrageous, dangerous, and truly American. Miraculously, no one was arrested or injured. An estimated 4,000 protesters raged against Trump over a twenty to thirty minute period before police broke up the melee. The most interesting and telling fact is that Trump “postponed” (read: cancelled) his speech tonight. For once, the people won.